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Flyspirito.com is committed to helping you in every manner possible, and we believe you deserve the greatest travel experience with Spirit Airlines. One of our amazing policies is that you are assured of a trouble-free flight booking with the best support from professional travel experts.

Our website is created to provide aid and support to all users around the world to plan their vacation itineraries in a hassle-free manner. Flyspirito.com strives to make it easy for the customers to access their travel needs while also adhering to the site's terms and regulations.

We suggest our users read our terms and conditions thoroughly in order to avoid any difficulty or misunderstanding.

Booking through Flyspirito.com

When you book a Spirit Airlines flight through Flyspirito.com and gain access to the various travel products, you are making a booking with the service provider, and our website just acts as a user interface between you and the airline. Because we have no involvement in creating the travel package, including its pricing, fees, or products that you book with us, Flyspirito.com bears no liability for the booking or any form of reservation with the travel product.

Use of the Website

A user can use Flyspirito.com if the individual or a group meets the following eligibility, as follows:

  • The user is at least 18 years old;
  • The user uses this Website per established Terms & Conditions
  • The user will use this Website to make legitimate reservations for themselves or for another person for whom they are legally authorized to act
  • Every information supplied by the user on this Website must be true, accurate, current, and complete
  • The user will safeguard their account information by themselves and be completely responsible for any use of their account and anyone other than them.

Availability of Information

Flyspirito.com provides information regarding Spirit Airlines' airfares, vacation packages, flight deals, group travel options, and seasonal offers, but the website can’t be held liable for any details provided by the carrier. Also, there is no absolute guarantee that the information on our pages, blogs, or articles is correct. We make every effort to provide users with the most relevant information available, with an emphasis on authenticity.

We don’t sell Travel Products

Flyspirito.com is a travel booking search engine for Spirit Airlines that do not own or control any of the travel products and services offered on the site. Third-party service providers own and control these products, either directly (e.g., Spirit Airlines) or through an agent (e.g., an online travel booking agency). We are not responsible for the mentioned travel products, and any changes in their policies are exclusively the responsibility of the affiliated travel partners.

Spirit Booking and Fares

Flyspirito.com only shows airfares that are subject to Spirit Airlines' interpretation, withdrawal, or modification without prior notice until the final booking is completed.

  • Our website shall not be liable for the cancellation of any services by third-party associates (online travel agencies) or flight-booking service providers.
  • Our website is not responsible for any loss or damage to your baggage during your flight. Concerns about related difficulties must be directed to Spirit Airlines.
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