Privacy Policy

Flyspirito.com is a dedicated team of professionals that provides you with the best travel opportunities and world-class Spirit Airlines deals. We always ensure that your travel is safe and convenient. Our website has established a straightforward and generous Privacy Policy that allows you to take advantage of attractive discounts at any moment. Flyspirito.com is a reliable and trustworthy Spirit flight search engine that's always ready to offer you new flight browsing experiences.

Our website privacy policy is straightforward, as it ensures that the information provided on the website is protected. The arrangements on our website are in line with rigorous security components and protection. With the full use of data provided by our users on our trip deals, Flyspirito.com is concerned about providing a safe atmosphere. Our goal is to provide the finest service possible while maintaining a consistent approach to make your travel more pleasant.

Information We Collect

Flyspirito.com collects some sensitive personal details from its customers. “Personal Information” identifies a user as an individual and collects the below information:

  • Name, date of birth, age, gender of the traveler(s), etc.
  • Contact details
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Social media account
  • Passport details
  • Transaction details and related information
  • Any other communication details or information about your reservations (such as points of departure and destinations).

When you submit sensitive Personal Information about other people on our website, you represent that you have the power to do so and that you agree to allow our Website to use the information you provide following our Privacy Policy.

How We May Collect Personal Information?

Flyspirito.com and our service providers collect the Personal Information from the users:

  • Through the Services: Our website collects Personal Information when a user makes a reservation or registers for promotion through the flyspirito.com website.
  • Offline: Our website may also collect your information offline, such as when you contact our customer service desk.
  • From Other Sources: We may obtain your personal information from a variety of other sources, such as the internet, related marketing partners, reviews, social media platforms, or any other third-party service provider, to the extent that the information is available.

Protection of your Information

Our first priority is to protect a user's personal information. To protect a user's personal information from an accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, modification, or unauthorized, Flyspirito.com uses electronic and organizational security measures. Our website limits access to your details only to our staff and employees who work relentlessly to give you the best services.

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