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Spirit Airlines Reservations & Flight Ticket Booking

Spirit Airlines is a United States ultra-low-cost air passenger carrier that offers the greatest flight services at the most affordable prices. The airline is completely committed to its customers, ensuring a simple ticketing process, comfortable cabins, budget-friendly vacation packages, and quick resolution of customer issues, among other things. The Spirit Airlines flight booking portal reduces the user's stress and allows them to explore the many options for excellent air travel with the carrier.

Spirit Airlines, as a reliable partner in the aviation industry, makes it simple for everyone to book a flight at the lowest possible price. Spirit Airlines offers low rates and excellent onboard amenities while traveling to the United States.

Both leisure and business travelers prefer Spirit Airlines. The airline offers international flights from a number of popular domestic destinations. Newark Liberty to Detroit, Orlando to Detroit, Fort Lauderdale to LaGuardia, Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta, and Las Vegas to Detroit are some of Spirit Airlines' most popular routes.

Spirit: An Ultra-low-cost Airline?

Some airlines are luxurious but expensive and out of reach for most people, while others provide less comfort but offer significantly lower tickets. What if you could combine comfortable and affordable airfares with a variety of cheap vacation deals and discounts from the same airline? Isn't that wonderful? Spirit is known for giving customers exactly what they want and need without charging exorbitant prices.


Spirit offers scheduled flight services to many major cities such as:

In the United States: Boston, West Palm Beach, Baltimore, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Philadelphia, Fort Myers, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Arlington (Washington), etc.

In the Caribbean: Cancun, Santo Domingo, Aguadilla, Montego Bay, Santiago (Dominican Republic), San Salvador (Bahamas Island), Kingston, St. Martin, Port au Prince, San Juan de Puerto Rico, St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands), Punta Cana, Nassau, etc.

Spirit Airlines Fares

Booking a Spirit Airlines ticket from the official spirit.com website opens various cheapest travel deals. Spirit offers the following fare options mentioned below:

Standard Fare

Spirit Airlines prides itself on being capable of offering "unbundled" fares. The most basic seat and one personal item are included in Spirit's base fare. There were no snacks, seat reclining, Wi-Fi, or other amenities. Spirit Airlines also does not offer typical premium economy, business, or first-class prices, although you may pay a little more for a little more space.

Free Spirit Club

Spirit Saver$ Club members have exclusive access to some of the lowest tickets, as well as reduced baggage fees, seats, Flight Flex, Shortcut Security, and Shortcut Boarding. Spirit Saver$ Club members also have access to plenty of special deals.

A 12-month subscription costs $69.95, an 18-month membership costs $99.90, and a 24-month premium membership costs $129.90.

Why you should make Spirit Airlines Flight Booking?

Many travelers often thought of budget-friendly air travel as they don't want to spend a hefty amount on their journey. If you are one of them, then consider booking a Spirit Airlines flight ticket for your travel within the United States. Looking for the reasons for booking a flight with Spirit Airlines? Then check out the advantages mentioned below:

Cheap Airfare Options with Spirit Airlines

Spirit Standard Fare: The Standard Fare of Spirit Airlines is the most basic fare. The airline even advertises "unbundled" flights as a base fare option at the lowest possible price. The Standard Fare is also called Bare Fare. Customers who purchase a Standard Fare are given the option to add options, which the airline refers to as Frill Control. The airline's basic ticket includes one (1) personal item and the most basic seat. Seat reclining, snacks, and Wi-Fi are not included with the Standard Fare type. It's no surprise that without the extras, Spirit Airlines tickets are significantly less costly.

Spirit $9 Fare Club: Customers of Spirit Airlines can join the $9 Fare Club, which gives them exclusive access to some of the airline's lowest fares as well as discounted baggage fees. Members of the $9 Fare Club also have access to special Spirit flight deals. The $9 Fare Club membership costs $60 and can be renewed for $69.95 per year. Members can also opt-out of renewing it. Additionally, the discounts available to $9 Fare Club members apply to up to eight (8) people on the same itinerary when booked under the same booking confirmation number.

Spirit Airlines Booking

If you want to fly to your favorite destination while looking for the cheapest airfares and best deals on Spirit Airlines flight booking, then make a Spirit flight reservation from the official website of the airline and enjoy your trip in the best way possible.

Spirit Airlines would be the best airline to fly with if you are looking for the best air travel experience while cutting down your travel costs to the maximum. Spirit offers plenty of attractive flight deals and discounts that may help you save extra on each leg. You can find the best deals on the spirit.com website or the official mobile app. You can reach out directly to the airline's customer service representative on call and get the best vacation packages and deals.

Now the question arises is “How to book a flight with Spirit Airlines?” Right? Why not follow these below simple steps to make reservations with the spirit.com website.

Online Flight Booking with Spirit.com
  1. Open the official spirit.com website on your device web browser.
  2. Select the type of your trip from the given options viz., Round Trip, One Way, and Multi-City with departure and arrival city/airport under the 'From' and 'To' boxes.
  3. Enter the travel dates and the number of passengers in the required spaces.
  4. Click on the 'Search Flights' button to jump to the next page.
  5. Select a suitable flight from a list of available flights as per your budget.
  6. Fill in the passenger details such as name, gender, date of birth, title, contact, and other information in the required fields.
  7. Proceed with the further steps to complete the reservation.
  8. You will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email address or on your mobile as a text message.
Offline Flight Booking
  1. Dial the customer service phone number.
  2. Wait for your call to be connected with the airline's executive.
  3. An airline helpdesk executive will take your call shortly.
  4. Tell the executive about your need for a new flight booking with Spirit Airlines.
  5. Select a suitable flight from the available flights and pay for it.
  6. Share your payment details to let the helpdesk executive complete the formalities.
  7. You will receive a confirmation message on your registered email address about your new flight booking with Spirit Airlines.

Book your Spirit Airlines Flight through Customer Service Number

Spirit Airlines also gives you an opportunity to book a Spirit flight over the customer care number. Now, customers can go through the airline's flight booking process through its toll-free number. The customer service executives are available any time of the day. They'll offer necessary assistance to travelers in need.

Contact the Spirit Customer Service Executive

Spirit flight booking via customer service is one of the tried and true ways to get the greatest Spirit Airlines Deals. They have a special arrangement with the airlines that allows them to provide you with low-cost flight tickets to your selected location.

Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number believes in providing travelers with the most economical flight options without sacrificing comfort or services onboard, hence reducing travel costs without putting pressure on your pocket. You can get to your destination without spending a lot of money and with minimum hassle. So, what exactly are you waiting for? To have an unforgettable experience with your loved ones, plan your tour now and book Spirit Airlines Flights. Spirit Flights Tickets can be purchased on the official website, the Spirit Mobile App, or by calling the Spirit Airlines Reservations Customer Service Number.

What is Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy?

Have you made your plans to fly with Spirit Airlines and searching for the baggage allowance? If yes, then you should know about Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy. Check out baggage allowance first and then pack your bags accordingly to avoid any further trouble. You need to go through the updated baggage policy of the airline and bring items on-board.

Spirit Airlines charges a certain fee for carry-ons and checked bags to keep their Bare Fare low. The airline charges more for checked bags weighing over 40 pounds. This is done because the added weight of the baggage will require more gas consumption of the plane. Spirit doesn't charge fee for one personal item (like a purse, small backpack, etc.) as its price is included with the ticket. Another personal item or anything larger like a standard carry-on or checked bag will require a payment.

Personal Item
Carry-on Baggage
Checked Baggage

Manage your Spirit Airlines Booking Easily!

Being an ultra-low-cost air passenger carrier of the United States, Spirit Airlines is known for its efficient flight services at much low airfares. It allows its customers to manage their flight bookings any time they want. They can add seats, Edit, change or cancel a booking, flight change, and much more. They can do it with the help of the official website or through the mobile application.

What is the use of Spirit Airlines Manage Booking Facility?

Book a flight Spirit Airlines and its easy-to-understand manage booking policy offers a passenger a number of facilities which they can do in the comfort of their homes. The various facilities customer can enjoy listed below:

How to manage Spirit Airlines Booking?

Customers can manage their Spirit flight booking on spirit.com hassle-free at the comfort of their homes. They can select seats, cancel flights, check in online, and much more. Just follow these steps to use the Spirit Manage Booking service.

  1. Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines, www.spirit.com, or open the Spirit mobile application.
  2. Go to the 'My Trips' section and enter the passenger's last name and flight confirmation code.
  3. Log in to the Manage Booking page.
  4. Click on the “Edit option” and proceed further accordingly.
  5. Find out the desired flight you want to make changes to and fill in the required information.
  6. After confirming the correct detail, click on OK.
  7. Pay if necessary.

To know more about the Spirit Airlines Manage Booking, you can contact the Spirit Airlines reservation desk. They will take care of the issues you face at the time of using the above service.

Seat Selection with Spirit Airlines

If you want to have a comfortable journey on a Spirit Airlines flight, you can choose your favorite seat. You can do it during the flight booking process or after your reservation has been confirmed during check-in. You must be aware that seat selection is a premium service, and you may have to pay additional fees to select your preferred seat.

However, if you forget to select your favorite seat or don't want to pay the extra fee, don't worry; the airline will randomly assign seats for free. However, this is a random assignment, and it won't ensure your seat with your family or friends while traveling. Also, because this is a premium service, you will only be able to acquire your preferred option if it is available; otherwise, you will have to change your choices.

How to Make Seat Selection with Spirit Airlines Booking?

When you book a Spirit flight ticket online under the 'My Trips' tab or during online check-in, you may check seat prices for your flight on the "Seats" page (within 24 hours of departure). To make quick seat assignments on the Spirit.com website, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the www.spirit.com website on your device browser.
  2. Now, click on the 'Check-in' tab on the homepage.
  3. Enter the passenger's last name and the flight confirmation code in the required fields.
  4. You can check your flight details alongside the 'Spirit Airlines seat selection' option on the next page.
  5. Choose your desirable seat from the empty seat options on this page.
  6. Pay the required fee to complete the seat selection process.
  7. Print the flight boarding pass that was sent to your registered email address to avoid standing in a long line at the airport.

Travelers may easily call the Spirit Airlines Number Phone helpdesk by dialing their toll-free number and following the voice prompt to speak with live booking agents. The support desk's experienced executives will respond to your queries or fix your issues as quickly as possible.

How to Change Name on Spirit Airlines Tickets?

Have you ever mentioned the wrong spelling of your name in your flight ticket? Are you worried about your journey? In that case, don't be panic because the airline offers the solution to these problems if you have spelled the wrong spelling of your name. But you are not aware from the procedure of name change within spirit airline ticket.

Don't be fret, and we will solve all your query by guiding you through the following content. So, let's continue to read the content.

Is there any possibility to change your name on a Spirit Airline Ticket?

To change the name in Spirit Airlines Ticket travelers, have to follow some rule regulations to correct the mistake. Let's see-

Rules to change the name in Spirit Airlines Flight Ticket -

Yes, you can easily change your name with your Spirit Airlines Manage Booking, but in a few cases, the airline charges fees. Follow the process-

Furthermore, in most of the circumstances, passenger will not face any issues regarding your name changing process, if you made minor error in your name spelling. When you see you have spelled wrong spelling in your flight ticket, contact within 24-hour of booking and cancel the ticket.

It is an easy way to cancel a ticket, and you can rebook again on the same fare; there is no need to pay any extra cancellation charges.

The airline charges fees on changing flights that are dependent on the kind of flights. For example, for the domestic tickets, spirit airline charges $120 per head, and for the international ticket, change charges start from $120 per head.

In the mentioned content, How to Change Name on Spirit Airlines Tickets, we made a detailed study on the topic that will help our travelers to appreciate the change name policy within airline tickets.

What are the Fleet attributes of Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines currently operates a fleet of 67 Airbus, with an average age of 4.8 years. The youngest Airbus fleet in the Americas currently has Spirit in third place. In October 2013, Spirit and International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) agreed to a lease for three pre- owned A319s and five further A320 NEOs. For additional expansion, Spirit Airlines ordered 30 Airbus A320-200 aircraft later in 2006; deliveries of the aircraft started in March 2010.

What are the Awards and Achievements?

Spirit Airlines won the title of a fuel-efficient industry leader. In addition, the airline has received numerous World Travel Awards nominations, including "North America's Leading Low-Cost Airline" and "World's Leading Airline to the Caribbean in 2011."

How to Checking In for Spirit?

Spirit Airways passengers can check in online or at the airport's kiosks. For domestic flights, the counter opens two hours before departure and closes 45 minutes before takeoff; for international flights, the counter opens three hours before departure and closes 60 minutes before scheduled departure.

Each boarding pass has a $10 printing fee when checked in at the desk. Twenty-four hours before departure and one hour before departure are the times for check-in. Passengers can buy luggage and select their preferred seats while checking in online.

How to Contact Spirits Customer Service to Check Unpublished Deals?

You can save a decent amount of money by researching the Spirit Airlines baggage policy, cancellation policies, and refund policies, as well as by comparing ticket prices on different days surrounding your travel dates.

Every dollar you save on your airline tickets is an additional benefit you can use to spend more on lodging, food, or enhancing the fun of your tour.

Free Spirit Number

Customer service for Free Spirit Number Spirit Airlines has a loyalty program called Free Spirit for frequent flyers. It enables its devoted customers to accumulate points based on Spirit airfares and bonuses and then utilize them to book complimentary award flights.

When buying tickets for Flying Spirit Air and extras like seat selection and baggage, passengers can accrue points. They can also sign up for the fee-based Spirit Saver$ Club program or receive a Free Spirit Credit Card. Additionally, points can be obtained by shopping with Choice Hotels.

Silver Free Spirit Club

You can earn one status qualification point for every dollar you spend on flight purchases and ancillary items like Big Front Seat or extra luggage (SQP). For the exclusive Free Spirit Silver Club, you need 2000 SQPs.

You can get by spending $20,000 or $2000 on a qualifying Free Spirit credit card or the Spirit Travel More Mastercard in a single year. Unique perks, such as earning 8 points for every dollar spent on flight or 16 points for purchasing extras like seat assignment and luggage, are available to travelers with Spirit Silver Status. Club Free Spirit Gold

Free Spirit Gold Club

You must spend $50,000 using the Free Spirit Travel More Mastercard or $5,000 on Spirit plane tickets to earn 5000 SQPs in a calendar year. They receive free checked and carry-on bags, free drinks, snacks in flight, free flight flexibility, and the option to select an exit row seat in addition to the privileges of Silver membership.

All Free Spirit Silver, Gold, or Credit Cardholders may use point pulling, which pools the Free Spirit Points of up to eight friends or family members, to redeem the points and reserve a Spirit flight. In addition to these, if you don't have a Free Spirit Credit Card, you'll need to acquire

Popular Spirit Airlines Frequently asked questions

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